Using Lifeline as a discount™

Often times Lifeline carriers provide a free phone for their customers who qualify for Lifeline assistance, the free cell phone benefit provided by the government.  (This service is sometimes referred to as an “Obama phone.”)  Even though these phones are appreciated by users who don’t have an alternative, oftentimes these free phones are substandard, and not what users really want.

As a trusted Lifeline provider, enTouch Wireless (also known as Boomerang Wireless,) offers Lifeline as a discount.  This gives our customers more freedom – freedom to bring the phone they really want to the premier 4G LTE network, with the best service across all 50 states, and Lifeline discounted service in 33 states plus Puerto Rico.

We make it easy to bring your own phone or find a truly affordable phone that works with your Lifeline discount™.  Learn how to bring your phone to a Lifeline provider.

So what does it mean to use Lifeline as a discount?

  • Taking advantage of your Lifeline discount™ means that you can use the phone you really want as your Lifeline phone and no one needs to know that it’s a “Lifeline phone”.
  • You no longer need to carry your “good” phone along with your “Lifeline phone” as a back-up. It means the phone you love is also your Lifeline phone!
  • Your Lifeline Discount™ is applied to your plan automatically – which saves you $10 each month for as long as you qualify for the benefit.
  • It also means that you can get the plan you really want on your phone. All pre-paid, no contract, no commitment.

Saves you $10 on your plan each month


Browse enTouch Plans Now.


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