About Us

enTouch Wireless is an established wireless communication company that focuses on promoting and distributing the Lifeline Assistance Program to countless customers. The Lifeline Assistance Program provides FREE phones for those who are eligible. This is a government benefit program to ensure that even those who cannot afford their own wireless bills are able to still stay in contact with their community.

enTouch Wireless strives to reach all different demographics in need of  government assistance when it comes to owning a phone. One dominant target-market enTouch Wireless provides for includes young moms working to support themselves and a family. Today over 17 million children are being raised by single mothers with about forty percent living below the poverty line. enTouch Wireless wants to ensure that those mothers have the ability to communicate with their community in order to live a healthy and safe lifestyle while staying employed. Other prominent customers fall under the categories of young veterans, homebound elderly, and tribal members.